Anna Bäck Acupuncture is a holistic acupuncture clinic in South Shores, in San Pedro, California.

Anna Bäck L.Ac.  is focused on achieving each patient’s health and wellness naturally through Integrative Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

To restore your body to a natural state of health, Anna works with you, through a comprehensive consultation, and  a personalized quality treatment plan, and compassionate care.

Anna Bäck Natural  Formulas were developed by Anna Bäck L.Ac. for her patients as they go through the steps and stages healing.


Anna Bäck Natural


“Anna is the BEST!! She knows exactly where the pain is and trigger points. I had mild /severe hip pain after my marathon training runs… Now I’m running great!!! Hardly any pain and feel stronger than ever!!!”

“After many years suffering from chronic pain and having many treatments fail me I decided to give a try to acupuncture. This is the only thing that relieves my pain and make me hopeful one day I can be pain free. Anna is the most caring, professional acupuncturist you will ever have. ”

“I’ve been so lucky to have Anna as my acupuncturist for the past year. She did a whole series of facial cupping, which helped brighten and tighten my face, and then we moved to some medical issues. Anna is thorough and spends the time researching all the information to help me manage my osteoporosis and neck pain. She always keeps me relaxed and comfortable during my treatments. I always walk away feeling relief.”


Welcome to Anna Bäck Acupuncture!

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