Do you sometimes feel like an outsider?

Do you feel like you don’t belong?

Like you are separate from everyone else?

The reason is because your ego is constantly comparing and separating you from your energetic family. The truth is that we are all one, and to really feel this connection is of benefit not only the world, but also to ourselves as individuals.

Do you long to really feel connected and to feel a sense of belonging, and do you intellectually understand that we are all one, but yet you feel alone?

Start by noticing, that without trying, with no effort at all your mind is constantly scanning the world around you and everything in it for differences.

Then, consciously, switch to trying to find similarities in the world and everything in it.

There is no button that you can push and just stop comparing, so instead, use your ego in order to compare itself with the world to your advantage instead of to your disadvantage.

Use your mind to compare itself to things and consciously find similarities instead of differences.

Find as many similarities with as many people, animals, and objects as you can.

Find similarities with people that you feel really different from.

Finally, find similarities with people you hate.

Ask yourself “ how am I similar to ________?”

You will start to feel a sense of belonging while your ego will still feel unthreatened.


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