Seven steps of the law of attraction

Intense Desire


Know what you want through knowing what you don’t want. In your distress, feel what it is that you don’t like, and what it is that you don’t want.

What is the opposite of that? Look at the exact opposite of the distressing feeling / situation.

The opposite of the distress is what you want, if you can’t figure out what the opposite is, use a thesaurus! Go online, and type in the word for  what you don’t want, and look for an antonym to the undesired word, and then use that antonym to look for synonyms to that word until you find a word that you feel best describes what you do want.

This is your desire.

Get specific, and get detailed about your desire if you can.

If what you want is an item, try to find the feeling behind wanting the item. Focus on the feeling just as much as the item itself.

If your desire is to feel a different feeling, it may be helpful to find a list of emotions to choose from, until you find what feels exactly right to you.

Imagination and Conceptualization


Use the word that you discovered here, create scenarios where this desire is yours. This is where you visualize. See in front of you as if you already have what you desire. Create a daydream scenario where you have what you desire.



Create positive affirmations, remember that they have to reflect as if you already have what you want by keeping the sentences in the present moment, in other words, don’t use sentences like “i’m going to….” or “ I will…..” because that keeps your desire always in the future.  

If it feels unnatural and filled with resistance, try to play with the sentence in different ways until it feels resistance-free.

You can also come in the back door, so to speak,  by phrasing it “Wouldn’t it be nice if (desired sentence)”, or “Everybody knows that ( desired sentence)” and work up to a resistance free positive affirmation.  

Remember that you already have what you want.


Focus with Confidence


Stay in the wish fulfilled, don’t slip into negative thought patterns, don’t ruminate on the present actual situation, but rather maintain a living from the end mindset. Live with the feeling as if your desire has come true.

Profound Belief


Let go of all doubts that it could not happen. Believe one hundred percent that it will happen, if you believe in God, believe that he/she will lovingly and happily bring you exactly what you want.


Be grateful that it has already happened, phrase affirmations “ I am so grateful for (desired sentence) If you believe in God, phrase your prayers as if God already gave you what you wanted, “ Thank you God for giving me (desired sentence)



No explanation needed 🙂  Enjoy the moment, extract the maximum amount of joy from your manifestation.


Find another, new  desire




There are more universal laws beyond the law of attraction, remember that this is just one small piece of the puzzle and it is not a solution for everything`

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