Dakini Meditation Instructions / Vajruyogini pdf

PDF for download:

The meditation:

Visualize your body in the image of VajraYogini, the skin of your body is red, and your inner body is made of the light of Pure Bliss

In your right hand is a curved knife with which to cut off the ego, and in your left hand is a cup filled with Amrita, the nectar of the Gods, which intoxicates and incapacitates your false beliefs.

Become VajraYogini in your mind

Bring your awareness to the sushumna nadi, the central channel that runs in front of your spinal column. The central channel is the color translucent red, it begins at the level of your navel and ends at the crown of your head.


Visualize the right and left channel, that flow alongside the central channel, the right channel is red and the left channel  is white. They run alongside the central channel, and begin at either nostril, and end one inch below the level of the navel, with their ends bent upwards in a tip.


Within the space that is in the one inch area that is created between the end of the central channel, and the end of the right and left channels upward bent tips, is your mind.

This is the space of your mind.


Visualize now, a small, one inch sized VajraYogini, in that one inch space. She looks identical to the VajraYogini  that you have visualized  yourself to be, and her body is also red, and her inner space is also is made of pure light, at her heart space there is a prism made of radiant pure light, casting rainbows of lights i every direction.

She is standing on the upward bent tips of the right and left channel, and the crown of her head is touching the lower tip of the central channel.

She is your Mind VajraYogini 

Visualize her clearly


Bring your focused awareness to your imagination now, as you inhale gently and softly, through the right and left channel, the winds of the upper body, in a V shape that ends at the heart space of your Mind VajraYogini.

Hold your breath there, and tighten the muscles at your perineum and upwards to the navel, as you see  all the winds of the lower body and hold the winds there.

Hold both the winds of the upper and lower body in the heart space of mind VajraYogini and Meditate on this affirmation

 “I am my Mind VajraYoginii”, “I am my Mind VajraYoginii”, “I am my VajraYoginii”. Until you feel the need to release the breath. 

This is “vase breathing” a  Highest Yoga Tantric Practice and formal meditation

Repeat this 12 times.

And then.


The two legs and two arms of The  Outer VajraYogini dissolve into her main body. 

The lower part of her main body dissolves into The Mind VajraYogini at the navel.

The  mind VajraYogini i ascends to the heart The Outer Vajrayogini. 

The Main Body of The Outer VajraYogini below the heart dissolves into The  Mind VajraYogini at the heart. 

The  Mind VajraYogini  ascends to the crown of outer VajraYogini

The main body of the outer  VajraYogini below the crown dissolves into The Mind VajraYogini at the crown. 

Then the crown of outer VajraYogini  dissolves into The Mind VajraYogini

The Mind Vajrayogini instantaneously flies through the sky of the essence of the universe, the unity of all things and beings, unmanifested and reaches the Pure Land of Bliss 

Meditate on this belief single-pointedly without distraction. 

The body of The Mind VajraYogini becomes smaller and smaller and dissolves into emptiness, into nothingness, which is everything, and  which is inseparable from The Great Bliss. 

Meditate on the union of great bliss and emptiness, which is the actual inconceivability. 

Repeat this practice of the uncommon yoga of inconceivability three or seven times in each session. 

Receiving the powerful blessings of becoming Vajrayogini. 

Elevate your practice to this longer version.

VajraYogini wants your practice to be three to seven repetitions

💕 Naturally see yourself as the sacred , healed, powerful, blissful and awakened being that you truly are. Fill your life with mystery with the female embodiment of indestructible enlightenment.

An archetypal symbol of the feminine, Vajrayogini brings us the deep instinctuality of the feminine

In her right hand, she carries a curved knife to cut through the ego, through ignorance and stupidity, and in her left hand she is holding a skull cup of Amrita, a blissful nectar of the essence of her feminine power, a nectar that is like a drug for false beliefs, the nectar that gets those beliefs intoxicated and immobilized.

With ego, ignorance and false beliefs out of the way, the path is clear to the Pure Bliss. In this lifetime.

Tantra is easy to practice: although it is a Highest Yoga, the visualizations of are easy for anyone

Vajruyogin mystery is deal for this chaotic and degenerate age, unlike other practices, Vajrayogini brings fast benefits

Vajrayogini’s mantra is supreme for attainments.

Her mantra alone is all a practitioner would ever need, provided they have faith.

Many of the great siddhas accomplished Enlightenment and other realizations from Her practice.

Vajrayogini’s sensuous nature and red color signify she is suitable for overcome desires and cutting attachments

Although this is a short practice, Vajrayogini’s practice contains the essence of ALL practices.

Shorter version here

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