Acupuncture for Frozen Shoulder (Adhesive Capsulitis, Torn Rotator Cuff)

Shoulder pain can be caused by different conditions that need to be treated in different ways.

Frozen Shoulder, which is also known as torn rotator cuff, and adhesive capsulitis, is the result of inflammation and fascial adhesion in your shoulder capsule.

Swimming, heavy lifting and repetitive activities that require rotation of the shoulder can cause frozen shoulder, as well as injury and person’s age, hormonal balance and other underlying health issues.

Frozen shoulder causes stiffness loss of range of motion, and usually severe pain. What distinguishes frozen shoulder from other shoulder injuries is, the less you use your arm, the worse it gets.

Acupuncture and Gua Sha work well for frozen shoulder, and electrostimulation with the acupuncture specifically speeds up recovery.

Gua Sha is a technique used to break up adhesions, and the west and the chiropractic profession has appropriated this technique and they call it “Graston technique”. It is the same technique, and regardless of name, it works well for relieving chronic pain and it works to break up the fascial adhesions that limit range of motion.  By stimulating blood flow and improving circulation, guasha also helps to reduce or eliminate the inflammation associated with the condition, allowing a return to a full range of motion without pain.

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