Opioids are killing the American Family, AND the American Dream

| Opioids are killing the American people |

I want to call an end to the reign of terror that pharmaceutical companies have on the people of America.

Opioids are killing not only the American people, but the American families as well.

Pharmaceutical companies have spent many decades, and billions of dollars brainwashing  Americans, and attempting to brainwash the rest of the world as well, (just a little less successfully.)

Drugs are what destroyed this country, drugs destroyed families from the ground up, for several generations, and it hasn’t stopped, and it looks like irreparable damage.

Just one families experience, one of MILLIONS:

Is it irreparable?

It is up to you to repair it.

As an example:

Treating back pain should primarily be done by physical therapy, acupuncture and modalities like cupping Gua Sha, Massage or whatever modality applies to the specific back pain.  Back pain could be treated by starting a yoga practice with the attitude of using it to heal back pain , this will do more for you in 10 years than starting to take narcotics ever will. Over the course of a 10 year period a yoga practice will start a process in your body that makes you younger, healthier, pain free, whereas starting to take pain meds, will over a ten year period get you addicted, cause you to have more and more pain. It will cause you to need more and more meds to try to mask the pain. You will be an addict, and I might see you in a drug detox, and I will tell you these things in person. Your family will have left you, you will be  all alone, in a detox, with no one to care if you make it out alive or not. You will have lost all will to live.

I offer you this solution:

🟢Find an acupuncturist in your area. 

🟢Get acupuncture weekly. 

🟢Get cupping weekly. 

🟢Get physical therapy weekly. 

🟢Start a yoga practice / physical therapy /go to the gym daily (choose something)

🟢Use topical liniments (for example “Evil Bone Water” which is SAFE AND EFFECTIVE.)

🟢Do that for ONE year, and then write to me and tell me how you feel.

Start treating your health concerns FIRST with these methods. Make this a lifestyle. Use pharmaceuticals as second to last choice and surgery as a last choice.

For a long time it has been the other way around, pharmaceutical is the first choice, surgery second and only after decades of failed medical treatments and abuse by the lies of the harmful and predatory pseudoscience of PAIN MEDS do you come to me and your pain is still rated a level 7 or higher, after YEARS of treating it with meds!

It is up to you now.

You might have an injury that is hard to treat, but TRY. Try acupuncture, cupping and physical therapy first. Search for “Evil Bone Water” liniment and replace your morphine patch with that.  Try it for many YEARS before you would even dream of reaching for narcotic grade pain meds. 

It has to become as unacceptable to you as it is reaching for a pipe of meth.

You will die if you don’t stop, but before you die you will have destroyed what should have been a happy family.

Try meditation for one year, before you reach for pain meds. MEDITATION not Medication.

You don’t have to sit like this, you can LAY DOWN and meditate!

Try using herbal medicine in place of most of the pills you pop, try it for one year.

Taking herbal medicine is a commitment that you make to your FUTURE self.


Use pharmaceuticals for emergencies, for bacterial infections, for mental illnesses if prescribed, and continue to use it for chronic illnesses and chronic and recurring pain such as migraines  until you have made at least a year’s worth of effort to treat the chronic illness by making significant lifestyle changes.

Continue to take high blood pressure medication, and blood thinners for example.

I would LOVE to say, please do not stop using any medications unless directed by your doctor but unfortunately I don’t know your doctor and I have no way of knowing if they also have a side gig as a legal drug dealer. Please get second and third and fourth opinions if your doctor insists that you need to be on medication. Do not stop taking any medication unless directed by your doctor, but please make sure that your doctor doesn’t prescribe opioids to drug addicts. 


Start eating at least 90% unprocessed foods, preferably 100%. It is hard because a lot of food that is sold at the stores and restaurants have ingredients that are not edible (in America) so you have to work a little harder than say someone who lives in Europe, or Asia where food is less processed and has less non edible ingredients.

Ask yourself why American bodies are sicker than the bodies of people from other countries, even those countries that are third world countries. Why are American bodies sicker than those of other Western countries? 

This processed food is so cheap on the store shelf, always a great deal….so hard to resist….

Processed food makes you sick and causes illness that lead to chronic pain. Stop the pain at its roots, nip it in the bud, by never eating inedible food.

Processed food is equal to and the same as: Future illness and future chronic pain. Treat pain before it is even created.

Processed food is equal to and the same as: Future illness and future chronic pain.

These things and at the top of the STOP IT NOW  🛑   list: 

Opioids and processed non edible food.

In 2021 the Sackler family won immunity for all the murders that their drug dealing opioid factory has caused, and this is in a nutshell how the predatory drug dealing mafia works, it  has just come to an extreme in our country.   A legalized and fully protected industry.  As an example, The Sackler family has pulled nearly $11 billion out of Purdue since 2008, but filed bankruptcy in  2019.

They will not be held accountable for the opioid epidemic, and this is just the tip of the iceberg, so understand now that your life is at stake and nobody will answer for the abuse that they did to you.

This industry affects not only you, but also everyone that you love.

Your actions affect everyone that you love and that is why your family left you.

They don’t have the strength to care for your wellbeing anymore. You have let them down too many times, and their empathy is worn thin.

There is only so much they can do, now you are an addict and a victim of a predatory abuser, Big Pharma.

It is up to you now. Nobody will come to help you, take my word for it, I have watched you die. Your life does not get better, you get sicker, and then you are hospitalized and then it is final, there is nothing they can do,  your organs fail. You are not on the list of eligible candidates for organ transplant. Trust me when I say that nobody will come and help you. You WILL die a victim.

Do I want the harmful and predatory mafia of pharmaceuticals shut down and locked up? You bet I do. But primarily I want you to thrive, to be well, to detox, to start finding different ways to treat your pain and to treat your body with love. I want you to be pain free and clear headed. I want you to win your life back, I want you to win the trust of your family back. I want you to feel confident that you CAN overcome this. Play the long game with that pain, if it isn’t gone by tomorrow, then be okay with that and make a plan that it will be gone by this time next year.

More than anything, I want you to thrive. 

I want you to live a normal life.

I want you to win your family back.

Please STOP using these Red Flag Pain Meds:


  • Hydrocodone.          🚩
  • Hydromorphone.     🚩
  • Meperidine.             🚩
  • Morphine.                🚩
  • Oxycodone.             🚩
  • Tramadol.                🚩
  • Codeine.                  🚩
  • Fentanyl patches      🚩

Do use these Pain Meds instead:

  • Acetaminophen (Sparingly, linked to possible liver damage)
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)
  • Topical patches  aspirin, lidocaine 
ANYONE can do yoga… any age any size.

Game plan:

Choice number one:

1. The best pain relieving treatments in MY opinion, are Cupping Therapy ,Acupuncture and topical liniments or patches.

Cupping therapy for leg pain

2. For a continuous and steady improvement in pain reduction physical therapy and yoga wins, hands down, nothing else compares to the benefits that you will gain over time. Like a turtle, the gains are slow, but they win. Be a turtle in this race. Slow and steady gains are better than immediate pain relief from drugs. If you can’t get to a class, try searching things like “Yoga for truck drivers” Or “stretches for longshoremen“, I swear there is a YouTube video for EVERYTHING these days!

3. Start reaching for natural herbal medicine first. Make this your new normal. If you don’t know how to, ask for help.

4. Use herbal topical liniments before you use medicated patches. Suggestion: “ Evil Bone Water liniment” also called “Zheng Gu Shui”. Google search, use Amazon.

5. MEDITATION not medication. I can’t explain to you why this works, but this should be part of your lifestyle. It works. Your body speaks a language to you, you need to learn how to listen. The only way to learn how to listen is to be still and quiet for a while.

Make an appointment today:

Table of Substance Abuse Hotline Resources

Name of HotlinePhone NumberOther Contact Options24/7/365 Access
Crisis Text LineText HOME to 741741TextYES
National Alliance on Mental Illness Help Line1-800-950-6264Text NAMI to 741741NO
National Drug Help Line1-844-289-0879YES
National Institute of Mental Health Information Resource Center1-866-615-6464
TTY: 1-866-415-8051
Chat EmailNO
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline1-800-273-TALK (8255)
TTY: 1-800-799-4889
Spanish: 1-888-628-9454
Online chatYES
Partnership for Drug-Free Kids1-855-378-4373Text 55753NO
SAMHSA’s National Helpline1-800-662-HELP (4357)
TTY: 1-800-487-4889
Online treatment locatorYES

Example of somatic meditation, listening in, hearing your body’s language:

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