PC 6, the Heart Boundary Point

pc 6

“The inner frontier gate”

In the English translations of acupuncture points somehow all we get is an abbreviation of a channel plus a number. In this case “PC 6” short for pericardium, point number six. This doesn’t exactly tell a story, it is numbered categorized catalogued and concise.

The Chinese name for this point is “The inner frontier gate.” Neiguan. This already tells the story of the use of the point. This point is a gate that opens and closes, and it is a frontier to something. An inner frontier, not an outer barrier like the skin, but inner.

The pericardium is really like a frontier protecting the heart, and that is where this point gets its name. It is protecting the heart, both the heart organ and the spiritual heart.

This gate is your bodyguard who protects the innermost depths of your heart.

The whole pericardium channel has points ready to stand guard for your heart, it is a heart protector meridian. The inner frontier gate point, harmonizes the body-mind connection, and stabilizes the mind and the emotions. It also steadies the heart and blood circulation, and calms an upset stomach.

The heart is a sacred space, and it houses the mind, and the divinity called “Shen.” When the heart is healthy , safe and whole, the mind is at ease. When the heart is hurt, the mind struggles to find rest. Trauma causes the heart gate to close its door, in an effort to keep the heart safe, but a closed gate doesn’t let the mind shine its radiant brilliance. A closed heart gate, hides a traumatized mind.

The gate should open and close appropriately, not remained shut like it does after trauma, and opening this gate again gives us access to the depth of our emotions, and the mind is established in the heart again.

Establishing a safe heart-mind connection is the acupuncturist way of healing a nervous system that has been frightened by trauma or PTSD, while also strengthens appropriate boundaries.

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