PULSED ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD THERAPY is a drug-free, non-invasive, pain-relief alternative treatment that promotes accelerated healing for damaged tissues and bone, relieves injury-related pain and even stimulates organs.

Therapy with pulsating magnetic fields (PEMF) is a relatively new and effective form of physical therapy. Allows you to relieve inflammation, reduce pain and speed up the healing process.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Magnetic fields are a type of physical matter that communicates and interacts between electrically charged particles.


The influence of a magnetic field on a person is determined by the laws of physics. However, the impact on a living being has its own characteristics. It takes place at different levels of organization of the organism: from atomic-molecular to organ-tissue. Therefore, it is studied not only by physicians and biologists, but also by biochemists and biophysicists.

What are the therapeutic effects of the magnetic field?

Pulsed magnetic field improves blood microcirculation. Under its influence, there is an acceleration of capillary blood flow and an increase in vascular blood filling. In the treatment of diseases of the joints and the spine, this makes it possible to improve the supply of nutrients to the organs and promptly remove metabolic products from them, i.e. create conditions for the body in which it can actively resist disease.

  • The magnetic field is capable of increasing vascular and epithelial permeability, which means accelerating the absorption of edema and the absorption of medicinal substances in the form of ointments.
  • The magnetic field can relieve pain. Since pain signals transmitted along nerves are electrical signals, they can be blocked using an electromagnetic field with the desired parameters.
  • The anti-inflammatory effect of the magnetic field also contributes to the relief of pain syndrome, because inflammation is the main cause of pain. Exposure to a magnetic field can remove inflammation by inhibiting the synthesis of prostaglandins, improving microcirculation and releasing anti-inflammatory hormones into the blood.
  • Finally, the magnetic field is able to improve regeneration. For example, if you use magnetotherapy for a fracture, more intensive and less time-consuming bone formation is possible. And when treating osteoarthritis with a magnetic field, the synthesis of the cellular matrix of cartilage is activated, which means that the progression of the disease slows down. In this case, exposure to a magnetic field, as a rule, does not cause unpleasant sensations, an increase in temperature and skin irritation. Usually it is well tolerated even by debilitated patients and elderly patients suffering from a mass of concomitant diseases. Therefore, the use of magnetotherapy can be recommended even in cases where other physiotherapy is contraindicated.

  • POLYMAG 02 is an innovative physiotherapy device of general and local magnetic therapy. Designed for the treatment by means of preset low frequency, low intensity pulsed electromagnetic field.
  • Diseases of the digestive, respiratory, nervous and circulatory systems
  • Genitourinary, endocrine and locomotor system disorders
  • Connective tissue, skin, subcutaneous tissue, eye and adnexa, and ear diseases
  • Diseases of infectious and parasitic origin
  • Disorders of the immune system, traumas and after-effects of poisoning

POLYMAG’s operational principle is based on the patient’s tissues response to irradiation effect. Depending on the pulse shape and magnetic field change rate effects, the device makes an impact on the blood vessel and lymph capillary microcirculation, which improves blood flow in the affected area and enhances the therapeutic effect.

POLYMAG increases cell membrane permeability activates and accelerates recovery reactions and local blood circulation.


  • inflammatory diseases acute period
  • thrombocytopenia
  • Arrythmia
  • pregnancy
  • Pacemaker

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