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Anna Bäck Acupuncture is open for physical visits!

Anna Bäck L.Ac is a fully trained and licensed herbalist and acupuncturist ( 4 year masters degree ) and a doctoral fellow at ECTOM as well as a life coach and “law of attraction” coach.

Contact information:

310 602 9518


Before your visit, fill out these forms:


Herbal prescription video conference

ZOOM, Skype or telephone conference. For help with finding the right herbs for YOU Before our call for herbal prescriptions, please fill out the intake form under the " COMPREHENSIVE QUESTIONNAIRE FORMS" tab.


Law of attraction coaching, Life coach

Law of attraction coaching, Life coach One hour



Dominate the competition,  jump higher and run faster!

What sets you apart from the competition?

Whatever you are training for, be it a marathon,  or triathlon, team sports or dancing on stage, acupuncture, chiropractic and massage should be part of your training!

Og image facials

Discover Your Unlimited Beauty!

Beautiful, healthy glowing skin needs weekly maintenance as well as a healthy body and mind!

Give yourself the best to look and feel your best!

Acupuncture Facial Treatments are designed to regenerate aging facial skin and return to it the glowing softness of youth, by stimulating fibroblast cells that speed wound healing and provide the structural framework of the skin and thereby producing collagen and elastin.


It’s normal to feel stressed from time to time, but stress can cause  damage both to your body and brain.

At Anna Bäck Acupuncture, we create a zen moment to help you fully relax, zone out, and drift into your happy place

When you get acupuncture, when you meditate, when you take a walk on the beach, or take a yoga class, your body’s nervous systems RESET and instead of stress hormones, your body produces HAPPY, CALMING, and BLISS hormones!

Don’t leave your bliss to chance, spend some time every day to invite it in.

og image runner acupuncture

What People Say

Anna is the BEST!! She knows exactly where the pain is and trigger points . I had mild /severe hip pain after my marathon training runs… Now I’m running great!!! Hardly any pain and feel stronger than ever!!!


Packages and Transformation Coach Services

Book a package for a great value! Instead of paying full price as you go, plan ahead, and bundle your treatments for a great value.

Set of 6 Microneedling

$ 250 each, pre-purchase a set of 6 for $ 1200. A $ 300 savings



Set of 10 Acupuncture facials

$ 150 each, pre- purchase set of 10 for $ 1200. A $ 300 savings.



Transformation Coach 4 x 4

4 one hour sessions per week for w weeks. $ 3,200.

4 X 4 Transformation Coaching


Mental Health and Wellness


Depression, anxiety, PTSD, eating disorders, addiction. Anna Back is a Licensed Acupuncturist, and Mental health specialist at the most comprehensive mind/body treatment center in Malibu.

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