Anna Bäck, L.Ac. MSOM,

Santa Monica, and South Shores in San Pedro


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Anna has a Masters of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine and is Board Certified by the State of California to practice acupuncture and herbal medicine. She also has extensive training in yoga.


Anna sees acupuncture as a complete medicine.A medicine that is able to mobilize the body’s own resources to regulate imbalances and disharmonies, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual. Anna’s treatments are infused by more than two decades of experience of intensive yoga, meditation  and mindfulness practices, and she brings a sense of humor, and warmth and openness to every session. Her greatest joy is to participate the healing journeys of her clients.


She earned her Master of Science in Oriental Medicine from Dongguk University in Los Angeles and completed an internship at Dongguk Community Clinic, which offers services for the underserved local community.  She further served as a clinical intern at the USC Student Health Center.

While most of her practice consists of pain management and musculoskeletal pain, at her own clinic, she also works and volunteers at dependency and detox clinics.

“I grew up surrounded by lots of intense nature, and very few people. My time was mostly spent in the woods, alone, playing and trying to find wild animals and such games. All this alone time in nature made into a very contemplative person, and my experiences are still colored by the meditative practice that I developed. It was also during this time that I started to have what I later understood to be awakening experiences.”



“My world view has always been more towards holism because of this, and when I discovered eastern philosophy, it really resonated with me, and likewise when I first discovered acupuncture and chinese medicine, I immediately felt that this was something that made sense to me, because the whole human and our environment is taken into consideration. My own healing with acupuncture and herbs solidified for me, that it was something that I wanted to pursue as a career.”




My family operated an organic blackcurrant farm, and we also had a honey business. Reverence for living creatures big and small was the only way I was shown, even the honey bees were adored, and plant based medicine was just a natural part of living, and all foods were grown or harvested and treated with love. 

Anna offers a wide range of services, including: Acupuncture, electro acupuncture, cupping therapy, and Gua Sha, a massage technique used in traditional East Asian medicine used to treat muscle pain and tension. She also guide in diet and nutrition choices,  and individualized herbal medicine.

Her experience ranges from working with individuals suffering from alcohol and chemical dependency, low self-esteem, mood and anxiety disorders,  mental illness, addictions, and co-occurring disorders to musculoskeletal pain, sports injuries, and complex and undiagnosed cases.


We are all human, and many of us judge ourselves very harshly, I try to show the way for that self judgement to turn around into hope, and into self compassion and self love. I am most proud of my capacity for unconditional love and unconditional safe space. To our very core, we are wellness, the key is to find that core.

Success for Anna is seeing a client turn the corner, and believe that they can be well again, it is hope, and belief in wellness.

It is somebody kicking the drug habit.

It is a chronic pain that diminishes.

It is a hopeful mama-to-be who finally becomes pregnant 🙂


Anna Bäck Acupuncture is located at:

1611 w 25th st, at

South Shores Chiropractic Center in San Pedro 







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