Dr. Anna Bäck holds a Doctorate degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and herbology, and a Kundalini Yoga Teaching Certificate, NLP coaching certificate, certified hypnotherapist, trauma specialist, mental wellness expert, and mindfulness coaching certificate.

My journey to become a full fledged Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor took over ten years, during which I spent years learning from doctors of Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine Doctors and research scientists. I have spent decades studying ancient traditions, medicines and philosophies, and my quest for knowledge and curiosity has led me to not only TCM, but also Ayurveda, Vedanta, Tantric Buddhism, Taoism, energy medicine and plant medicine, Yoga, and a Kundalini Yoga teaching certificate in 2011, Mindfulness teaching certificate, as well as western sciences.

My desire to fully understand the inner workings of the ancient sciences and philosophy, saw me through the journey of finally being conferred the highest level of qualifications for Chinese Medicine. At the same time I have trained and practiced innovative trauma healing modalities in some of the most prestigious trauma healing centers and recovery enters in the US.

I love to share my knowledge and expertise in all ancient and traditions medicines and practices to the mass public as I recognize treasures exist in traditions that can benefit all of humanity, yet are often thoroughly misunderstood. Not uncommonly, TCM is called a placebo, or unscientific, or pseudoscience. Similar misunderstandings have existed throughout the west for centuries relating to all eastern sciences and philosophies. It is my quest to make space for ancient practices to be heard from their rightful perspective, authentically, and unstained by the linear thinking of western modalities, this, I believe, will benefit mankind more than any other advances that we can make, as Eastern modalities are applicable in real life.

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