Anna Bäck, LAc, MSOM,

California License AC17369

I love  being an acupuncturist for what I can do for people. I can’t imagine a more rewarding work than leaving people feeling better!



The step of care:

Feeling healthy goes beyond acute or chronic illness. Often we don’t acknowledge our health until it is compromised, only then do we seek to regain it. ​

Some steps to care are:​

  • Relief care​
  • Corrective care​
  • Maintenance care​


Relief care is where most people begin their acupuncture treatments. A quick relief of pain, acute or chronic pain, where other methods have failed. Relief care visits are frequent, from to several treatments per week.



The next step is corrective care. This is where signs and symptoms are reduced, and your visits will be less frequent. During this phase the progress you have made is supported, and a deeper healing is achieved. During this phase it is important to continue care, and even a simple activity could cause a relapse.


This type of care preserves the progress you have made, and visits may be monthly, or every other month, or seasonal. Maintenance care is the root of healing, and combined with exercise, a healthy diet and other good habits you can keep feeling your best