Opioids are killing the American Family, AND the American Dream

Drugs are what destroyed this country, drugs destroyed families from the ground up for a few generations, it hasn't stopped, and it now looks like irreparable damage. Stop the opioid epidemic.

Your Total Guide To Adaptogens | Part 7 | Rhodiola Rosea

Your Total Guide To Adaptogens | Part 7 | Rhodiola Rosea Rhodiola Roseas is an herb that grows in the cold, mountainous, arctic regions of Europe and Asia, and it can also be found in eastern north America, and its roots are considered adaptogens. Rhodiola is also known as arctic root or golden root. People … Continue reading Your Total Guide To Adaptogens | Part 7 | Rhodiola Rosea

Your Total Guide To Adaptogens | Part Six | Lion’s Mane

Your Total Guide To Adaptogens | Part Six | Lion's Mane Adaptogens are plants and mushrooms that help your body respond to stress, anxiety, fatigue and overall well being. You can take adaptogens by adding them to food or beverages or take them as capsules, powders or tinctures. Adaptogens bring your body back to balance, … Continue reading Your Total Guide To Adaptogens | Part Six | Lion’s Mane

Longhaul covid recovery and Vaccine side effects recovery

10 Months after the vaccine injury I am finally able to do this again, without backlas, with same day or next day fatigue, pain, chest pain, dizziness, or blue hands or painful legs. No western medicine or treatment. Just herbs and supplements, plus an initial change in diet and management of the gut microbiome: https://youtu.be/IJZA9QBqyog

Medicinal Mushrooms and Nootropic herbs

Medicinal Mushrooms and Nootropic herbs Nootropic herbs are plants, or parts of plants such as roots, stems, leaves, flowers and seeds, that are used for their brain-enhancing functions. Herbs have been researched and for thousands of years in many cultures, and in Chinese culture, this research has been documented as well, so we know a great deal … Continue reading Medicinal Mushrooms and Nootropic herbs

What is An “Herbal Formula”?

Personalized health care is the future. In fact, personalization in general is the future! Technology is making it easier for everyone from businesses to Doctors to know more about their customers and patients. It’s also easier than ever to tailor care and services to reflect this newfound knowledge.

MODERN HERBAL MEDICINE | Skilled Herbal Consulting

Individualized herbal formulas are far more successful in terms of healing. Receive the help you need to select the herbal formula, the right dosage, and the correct alchemy of herbs