How Does Acupuncture for Addiction Work?

Acupuncture is a holistic modality that addresses emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental health. Acupuncture is recognized by the National Institute of Health (NIH) and World Health Organization (WHO) for treating numerous conditions. An ancient Chinese medicine used for thousands of years, acupuncture is based on the meridian system. According to traditional Chinese medicine, meridians are pathways in the body where life energy or “qi” flows. There are 12 meridians. Most are named for the organ in the body that they are associated with (ex. heart meridian, lung meridian, liver meridian).

PC 6, the Heart Boundary Point

"The inner frontier gate" In the English translations of acupuncture points somehow all we get is an abbreviation of a channel plus a number. In this case "PC 6" short for pericardium, point number six. This doesn't exactly tell a story, it is numbered categorized catalogued and consise. The Chinese name for this point is … Continue reading PC 6, the Heart Boundary Point

Opioids are killing the American Family, AND the American Dream

Drugs are what destroyed this country, drugs destroyed families from the ground up for a few generations, it hasn't stopped, and it now looks like irreparable damage. Stop the opioid epidemic.

Your Total Guide To Adaptogens | Part 7 | Rhodiola Rosea

Your Total Guide To Adaptogens | Part 7 | Rhodiola Rosea Rhodiola Roseas is an herb that grows in the cold, mountainous, arctic regions of Europe and Asia, and it can also be found in eastern north America, and its roots are considered adaptogens. Rhodiola is also known as arctic root or golden root. People … Continue reading Your Total Guide To Adaptogens | Part 7 | Rhodiola Rosea

Your Total Guide To Adaptogens | Part Six | Lion’s Mane

Your Total Guide To Adaptogens | Part Six | Lion's Mane Adaptogens are plants and mushrooms that help your body respond to stress, anxiety, fatigue and overall well being. You can take adaptogens by adding them to food or beverages or take them as capsules, powders or tinctures. Adaptogens bring your body back to balance, … Continue reading Your Total Guide To Adaptogens | Part Six | Lion’s Mane

Medicinal Mushrooms and Nootropic herbs

Medicinal Mushrooms and Nootropic herbs Nootropic herbs are plants, or parts of plants such as roots, stems, leaves, flowers and seeds, that are used for their brain-enhancing functions. Herbs have been researched and for thousands of years in many cultures, and in Chinese culture, this research has been documented as well, so we know a great deal … Continue reading Medicinal Mushrooms and Nootropic herbs

Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP is a great tool in mental health counseling, in relationship counseling, and in goal setting. NLP provides a simple step by step process to reframing memories or beliefs that block our progress and cause stagnation in life or a tendency to stay toxic situations.  NLP helps us to become aware of the subconscious patterns … Continue reading Neuro Linguistic Programming

NADA & ATP Protocol for trauma

NADA and ATP Protocol for trauma The National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA) protocol, is a simple standardized auricular treatment that includes but is not limited to addiction, such as the opioid epidemic, but also encompasses mental health, trauma, PTSD, chronic stress, and the symptoms associated with these conditions. NADA protocol is a simple and accessible … Continue reading NADA & ATP Protocol for trauma

Survivor’s Guilt PTSD

Survivor’s Guilt happens when an individual experiences feeling of guilt because they survived a life-threatening event when others didn't. Survivor’s guilt is a common reaction to life-threatening traumatic events, and a symptom of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The symptoms of PTSD survivor guilt can vary, it depends on many factors. When people survive a traumatic … Continue reading Survivor’s Guilt PTSD

You have not because you ask not; Your Total Guide to Prayer.

You have not because you ask not; Your Total Guide to Prayer. A petition-prayer is a request made to God, for a specific grant, a benefit, for grace or mercy, or for a favor toward a need. Something a little different today, not TCM or psychology, but something much more powerful! When I have prayed … Continue reading You have not because you ask not; Your Total Guide to Prayer.