Functional Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Taoist medicine

In summary, while functional medicine, TCM, and Taoist medicine differ in their underlying principles, techniques, and focus, they share several commonalities as holistic approaches to health and healing.

True holistic medicine does not just cover up symptoms!

True holistic medicine does not just cover up symptoms! If Traditional Chinese Medicine heals the root cause of illness then why should we ever skip diagnosing and treating the root cause? TCM is in part an energy medicine, and in part a physical medicine. It is also in one part a mindfulness practice, and another … Continue reading True holistic medicine does not just cover up symptoms!

PC 6, the Heart Boundary Point

This gate is your bodyguard who protects the innermost depths of your heart.

Neuro Linguistic Programming | NLP

NLP provides a simple step by step process to reframing memories or beliefs that block our progress and cause stagnation in life or a tendency to stay toxic situations. 


BELONGING Do you sometimes feel like an outsider? Do you feel like you don’t belong? Like you are separate from everyone else? The reason is because your ego is constantly comparing and separating you from your energetic family. The truth is that we are all one, and to really feel this connection is of benefit … Continue reading Belonging