SereneQi II Insomnia

For use during times of stress, anxiety, depression, and withdrawal from drugs and smoking. Co-occurring insomnia.


Blending “CALM” and “PEACE” herbal formulas for anxiety, stress, and depression, combined with heart centered herbs such as Fu Shen, and insomnia herbs such as Suan Zao Ren to alleviate insomnia


The herbs foundation in Calm may have the same effectiveness as antidepressants at the end point of treatment with fewer side effects.

Combining Calm with antidepressants may have a significant beneficial effects, such as, symptom improvement with less adverse event, as compared to the results of those taking just antidepressants alone.

The main ingredients in PEACE, are based on a researched formula that showed in one study to enhance the concentration of serotonin  in brain tissues, as compared with the control, Prozac.

The potent antidepressant-like effect may be due to by modulating  monoamine concentration, and may be beneficial in depression treatment as a complementary approach.


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SereneQi II Insomnia 100 g



SereneQi II Insomnia 500 g



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