Activate your heart center

Cosmic Mirror Method: REFLECT LOVE ♾

Be the miracle someone is hoping for right now Send love and receive love Grow and expand the total love in the universe The universe and all of its love is contained with you and you receive and give simultaneously All is one, and what you do for another is immediately done to yourself, so send love In this meditation you will send and receive love from The Buddha, and anyone else that you choose. you can send love to a loved one, to a partner or a child, or a parent you can send love to the whole world, and just receive more, the more you send

Be a miracle today
Have you had personal experiences of a twin flame, soul mate or soul kin or do you desire to know them more?

Perhaps you want to find ways of bringing these kind of relationships into your life, if so this meditation will familiarize you with the energies of your soul kin.

As within, so without.

Learn to recognise sacred relationships and attract them by connecting with your Soul relationships through a sacred meditation
Yes, unresolved childhood trauma can be healed.
This Guided Meditation to heal trauma stored in root chakra as the result of traumatic childhood experiences and programming

Enhance present-moment awareness, increase self-compassion, and connect with your body. Release and let go

Trauma-sensitive mindfulness technique

This meditation was made to help you attract a loving relationship into your life while you sleep. Your subconscious mind is most comfortable and open to suggestion when you are unconscious in a sleeping state. You may be asleep, but your subconscious mind is busy at work. While asleep, your subconscious ingrains your thoughts by learning and solving the days problems.

One of the most powerful ways to bring an idea or desire to life is to focus our thoughts and words on it. The thing is, when we’re not being mindful about the words we’re spinning around thoughtlessly in our heads, we’re often bringing more of what we don’t want to life than what we do. Every time we focus on lack, we reinforce lack in our lives. Energy flows where attention goes This positively reinforcing guided meditation, tears down negative beliefs, and builds up positive beliefs, while nurturing grooves into your brain, which translate into healthy and nurturing relationships in your life. Become a love-inviter!

Past Life Regression therapy (also known as Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy) is a therapy that uses hypnosis to induce a trance state that allows you to access your subconscious mind and experience past life memories.

Exploring past lives helps to deepen your self-awareness and could offer insight into unexplained issues or repeating patterns in this life. A past life regression is not a psychic reading. I will not tell you about your past lives; instead, you’ll be guide you to remember your own past life memories.

With Past Life Regression therapy, clients realize a number of benefits, including:

  • Gaining insight into current relationships
  • Resolving karmic patterns of behavior
  • Helping to heal illness, disease, undesired personality traits, addictions, and phobias that don’t have a reasonable explanation
  • Communicating with the past life self helps to gain greater understanding into current life situation
  • Reducing fears around death and dying
  • Deepening your understanding about your life purpose
The practice of Somatic Meditation, as found in the more esoteric traditions of Asia and especially in
Tibetan and East Asian Buddhism and in spiritual Taoism, provides the means and methods necessary for making the journey to spiritual embodiment, complete healing, and awakening.

As our left-brain conscious thinking mind makes transforms from the endless self-serving narratives of our disconnected ego, toward a deeply connected, grounded and present story of who we are, our basic nature, and our actual life, open-ended and open hearted possibilities, and seemingly miraculous healing and awakening naturally takes place.

Our deepest connection to our intrinsic nature becomes a connection to nature herself, to our true selves, and to our higher God-selves.

Experience your own transformation, your own healing, and your own awakening.


Some people are very sensitive, and healers lightworkers and empaths are obviously some of them. To energetically surround yourself in a spiritual shield, is very important.. Shielding is an easy, fast and effective way to protect yourself. Some people can actually feel the energy bubble surrounding them with either an all over warmth, vibration, chill, or tingle. Even if you don’t feel it at all, just trust that it is in place, and you are protected. There is no substitute for having enough rest, having the proper diet, and making sure that your own energies are balanced, using a daily energy routine, etc. and f you don’t feel good, you don’t do the work. “This is the foundation technique suggested to use as a protective shield to strengthen and grow your Lightbody as well to utilize before you do any other healing, energy work or modality. The 12D Shield is an organic part of every human beings Lightbody which can be repaired and activated when using the inner focusing 12D shield technique. The frequency of which activates this horizontal shield and its vertical light pillar is platinum white in its frequency spectrum color.”

– In this guided meditation we use a Six Pointed Star ( a merkaba star). This geometry means Unity, unity of polarity coming into oneness with God. “The purpose of shield building is to protect the human aura from the energies of high risk behaviors. High risk behaviors are promoted in many New Age materials that encourage Channeling and astral projection without any type of learned psychic self defense or mental discipline”. – ascentionglossary It is a persons directed and focused attention, not muscular control or use of force, which accesses the inner sensory ability to control the movement of life force or chi energy.

When the mind is developed and disciplined, and thus calmed and centered, by focusing the mind, one can direct energy and life force very specifically.The power of the force of Love is key that unlocks every door in the Universe. When we can access the power of Love we are capable to accomplish almost anything. When intending to direct energy, bring feelings of love and devotion to the process. Do you struggle with any of the following? Generally, are you depressed? Do you have any chronic medical conditions? Are you on daily medications? Do you have aches and pains daily or often? Do you have an old injury that acts up periodically? Are you over or underweight? Do you have poor eating habits? Do you have trouble sleeping? Are the majority of the people negative? Do you live with these people? How close are they to you? How do they affect you? Ask yourself these questions: How do you spend your free time and energy? Do you exercise?

What kinds of things are you interested in and what holds your attention? Do you use creative energy, or do you not notice it or tap into it? What is your relationship with money? Hate it, love it, fear it? Are you materialistic, is acquiring things very important to you? What are your hobbies? Are they low or high vibrational? Do you spend time in nature? Are you connected to nature & our planet? Are you spiritual? Do you meditate, do yoga, or pray regularly? Do you practice energy clearing? Are you actively trying to heal from past situations, traumas and fears? 12D PROTECTIVE SHIELD BUILDING technique FOR LIGHTWORKERS HEALERS EMPATHS. Do this every morning ⭐ 🙏


Taoist/Tantra Melding Technique

Get out of your head and into your body by experiencing this earth melding meditation As you become one with earth, your awareness expands, and becomes the universe
Heal your body, heal your mind
Feeling safe
Feeling home
Feeling connected
Guided meditation Healing the feminine


The Great Mother Within

Heavy rain and a thunderstorm provided the perfect inspiration for a Divine Feminine Meditation, awaken your second chakra, become one with creative sensual playfulness, increase fertility and bring peace to 3D

Enter and Merge with The Cosmic Mother Within. Containing All Life, All Death, All Nothing, All void, All Love.

The Divine Feminine receives and heals that which we are called to let go of. She holds us close, inside of her heart; blessing you, blessing me, blessing our deepest dreams as we allow Her, Healing the feminine to do what she does naturally, eternally. Transmute, Transform, Create, Play, Generate, Deliver.

The Divine Feminine has a Womb Consciousness that may be developed with mindfulness and a loving awareness of our sacral second chakra, our sexual and creative center.


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