Your Total Guide To Adaptogens | Part 9 | Eleuthero

Eleuthero, also known as Ci Wu Jia or  Wu Jia Pi, Siberian ginseng, or Russian Root, is an adaptogenic herb that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Its scientific name is Eleutherococcus senticosus, and its pharmaceutical name is Radix et Caulis Acanthopanacis Senticosi, and it belongs to the same family as ginseng.

Nootropic herbs in Ayurveda & TCM

Nootropic herbs in Ayurveda & TCM Nootropic herbs are COGNITIVE ENHANCERS Medhya Rasayanas are group of medicinal plants described in Ayurveda (Indian system of medicine) with multi-fold benefits, specifically to improve memory and intellect by specific action (Prabhava). Medha means intellect and/or retention and Rasayana means therapeutic procedure or preparation that on regular practice will boost … Continue reading Nootropic herbs in Ayurveda & TCM

Your Total Guide To Adaptogens | Part 6| Lion’s Mane

In animal studies of Parkinson's, there was a reduction in oxidative stress and dopaminergic lesions in the striatum and substantia nigra after 25 days.

Medicinal Mushrooms and Nootropic herbs

Herbs have been researched and for thousands of years in many cultures, and in Chinese culture, this research has been documented as well, so we know a great deal about the brain enhancing qualities of herbs.

Your Total Guide To Adaptogens | Part 4 | Salvia

The use of Dan Shen in China has a much longer documented history, and traditional uses have been for anti-inflammation, anti-oxidation, anti-tumor, anti-atherogenesis, and anti-diabetes as well as gynecological uses including mastitis. The use of Dan Shen is indicated if there is for example "Blood Stasis" present, which is a diagnostic pattern in Chinese medicine. In order to avoid unwanted side effects of herbal medicine it is important to understand pattern diagnosis, so according to Chinese medicine some contraindications are cases of "Blood Deficiency, or Yin Deficiency" and typically, if this herbs is needed, other herbs are added to prevent unwanted side effects. Dan Shen should be used with caution in cases where there is no Blood Stasis. Dan Shen is not a "one size fits all" adaptogen, but nonetheless, it has powerful effects on the cardiovascular system.

Your Total Guide To Adaptogens | Part 2 | Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha: The first order of business for me as a Doctor of Chinese Medicine, is to translate the properties of Ashwagandha from Ayurveda into Traditional Chinese Medicine. The two medicines speak different diagnostic languages, just like the West is completely different from TCM, so is Ayurveda. I have to know what its TCM properties … Continue reading Your Total Guide To Adaptogens | Part 2 | Ashwagandha

Your Total Guide To Adaptogens Series | Part One

Adaptogens work by regulating and stabilizing the balance in the hypothalamic, pituitary, and adrenal glands. These glands are involved in the human stress response. Adaptogens have been studied in both animals and in isolated neuronal cells, and they have found to have several effects on the body.