Brainspotting or EMDR, SE, Hypnotherapy and NLP?

Brainspotting is ideal in trauma therapy treatment when a client needs more freedom to confront their traumas.  You may find that with more control over your own therapy, you’ll have a more meaningful and rewarding experience. Brainspotting is beneficial for clients who have discovered manifesting techniques, such as the Law of Assumption and Neurolinguistic Programming, but has failed to make progress.

Neuro Linguistic Programming | NLP

NLP provides a simple step by step process to reframing memories or beliefs that block our progress and cause stagnation in life or a tendency to stay toxic situations. 

Trauma, dissociation, and the chronic freeze response.

Humans operate on many levels simultaneously, and not all of these levels are in our conscious awareness, many of our beliefs, actions, and reactions are operating on autopilot and we never reflect on the fact that there even is a process behind the scenes. Things we never think about is, for example, how we breathe, or how we beat our hearts.