What is Structural Dissociation?

What is Structural Dissociation? https://anchor.fm/anna--back/episodes/What-is-Structural-Dissociation-e1aacve/a-a6uikj5 Chronically traumatized individuals can suffer from a form of dissociation known as structural dissociation. Structural dissociation causes the inability to regulate emotions and a chronic feeling of emptiness within, and is possibly misdiagnosed as a personality disorder called BPD. (Borderline personality disorder) Having structural dissociation means essentially a "split" into different … Continue reading What is Structural Dissociation?

Trauma, dissociation, and the chronic freeze response.

Trauma, dissociation, and the chronic freeze response. https://open.spotify.com/episode/59anYrC0mGrOQ52UYgsGia?si=zKmScbXVToeH4uO2S6wvbQ Humans operate on many levels simultaneously, and not all of these levels are in our conscious awareness, many of our beliefs, actions, and reactions are operating on autopilot and we never reflect on the fact that there even is a process behind the scenes. Things we never … Continue reading Trauma, dissociation, and the chronic freeze response.